Potential Difference

Potential Difference

A group fo 3 doctors facing away from the camera looking at an x-ray being held up to the light

Well-being for Front-Line Clinicians

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As a qualified and accredited coach with many years’ NHS experience, I create a safe space online, with a lightness of touch; we spend the time listening to each other; you may share lived experience of treating patients and dealing with the pressures of Covid-19. Or you may need to ‘escape’ for a while – and we can do that too.

This isn’t team coaching in the traditional sense. We work in the moment with whatever is on your mind; it is an approach to coaching that may surprise you, in its flexibility and impact as we find a way to work together that fits with your immediate needs. 

Team coaching sessions are facilitated by me; with up to six colleagues, we offer support and coaching to each other from within the team. The sessions are designed to give each of you an opportunity to talk about yourself, your experience and work through any feelings, stories or anxieties; with my help, we provide a supportive, psychologically safe space dedicated to the well-being of each other.

By giving your own rare time to yourself and others, you will be able to relax in a caring setting. This will help you make sense of any recent and unprecedented ways of working and lighten any load you’ve been carrying either mentally or physically.

This special coaching programme is only available for the NHS at the moment.