Potential Difference

Potential Difference

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Business Coaching for Executives

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As a successful and highly motivated executive or senior professional in business, it can jar when a career move, or role change leaves us feeling stuck, uncomfortable or unsure. The natural temptation is to call on previous experience; the answer may lie in the “gentle art of reframing”, looking at something differently within ourselves to find the way forward.

By exploring the ground together, I can help you understand your own perspective and move on to new ways of thinking and doing, whatever that may be. We may work through strategically complex problems or look under the surface to less obvious issues, that may be hidden strengths or barriers that are getting in the way.

When we meet, I will quietly listen and empathically challenge while you explore and explain. I draw on my organisational and practical psychological experience in support. Together we will work through the issues creatively and strategically until you find your way through with clarity and confidence. At that point our work is done; and it doesn’t need to take long.