About us

Changing people and organisations

The need to change has never been greater; it brings a growing friction between our own inner pace of being and the outer pace of life; we start to feel out of step for a while; we ask what is happening; what does this mean for me, my relationships, my potential at work, my life in general. We seek skilled help to answer our questions; to find out if and how we can change.

The answers can be hard to see, often there but just out of sight. Potential Difference brings a fresh pair of eyes, new ways of seeing, different set of questions: what is really going on; what is your own unique view; how does it need to shift, what do you know that can help. We support with care as you explore, reframe your thinking, seek to realign inner with outer pace. It needn’t take long.

We work with you to make sense of your own experience, to find your own answers, to unlock your potential to change; we work at the interface of applied psychology, experience of learning, management of change. We invite you to think afresh, renew and move on. And people do.

Susanne has worked in the Armed Forces, Aerospace, Manufacturing, City of London; she is faculty on two Ashridge Masters - executive coaching, NHS leadership of QI; she works as coach, therapist, supervisor; 1:1, with working pairs, external and internal coaches. Her qualifications include: an MSc, MA, a Diploma in clinical coaching, BPS registration, EMCC and Ashridge accreditation.